Review of Clairvoyance by Joan Sowards ~ Published by Walnut Springs Press

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If you want to read an inspiring and elevating novel, and then hand it to your daughter for her to enjoy the same experience, Clairvoyance by Joan Sowards is the book for you. Joan has given us another beautiful story that will both entertain and inspire all who read it.

Jennifer Weston has left her home in Phoenix, Arizona for the cool green of Windridge, Oregon and the dream-like summer job as an intern for the town newspaper. With a degree accomplished and a bright summer of opportunities ahead, it would appear that Jennifer’s life is perfect—but what appears as a charmed life is often times anything but. Jennifer carries the heartbreak of the recent death of her mother and even more recent re-marriage of her father. Add in a break-up with a controlling boyfriend and her life is anything but charmed.

Jennifer, though, drawing on her LDS faith, doesn’t let these trials weigh her down as she enthusiastically faces the challenges of her new job and cheerfully strives to serve others in her new ward. She goes the extra mile as she befriends a lonely man who suffers the devastating loss of his love, Claire, and who spends his evenings waiting on the beach for her appearance. Jennifer’s service and attitude makes a difference and, as is always the case, when we forget ourselves in the service of others is when we truly find ourselves. The same happens to Jennifer as her heart is healed and opened to new love.

You won’t want to put Clairvoyance down, the points of conflict are honest and relevant, making it a book you’ll connect with easily and want to read from start to finish. This would be an excellent choice for a book club, particularly with young women—there is much to be discussed.

Joan has given us a beautiful and interesting story, but what makes me want to jump up and say “thank you” is that we now have a story about a strong young woman who, when faced with difficult challenges, seeks guidance from the Spirit, does her best to follow it and continually strives to be a disciple of Christ, even when she doesn’t feel like it. Isn’t this what we’re all trying to do? Thank you, Joan!

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