Review of Memory of Monet by Robin M. King ~ Published by Walnut Springs Press

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In Robin M. King’s Remembrandt and Van Gogh Gone, we are taken into the white-knuckle world of international espionage—and with her third and final installment in this series, Memory of Monet, King delivers in a big way!

Alexandra Stewart is put back into play as she is sent on a mission that seems hand-crafted just for her and her special abilities. Yet, while on location in Mexico City, her arsenal of unique tradecraft, including her eidetic memory, seem not enough to accomplish the mission. Alex doubts her ability as a spy—especially after her latest mission in Paris and her confrontation with a terrorist—as she finds herself in some extremely tight spots. And if this isn’t enough, Alex is also struggling to figure out relationships in her family, as well as understanding her own heart.

Will Alex complete the mission and stay in the spy business? Will she finally see her mother for who she was? What about her father and comatose brother? And what will become of her hunky handler, who always seems to be there to keep her safe? King answers all these questions with insightful prose and page-turning suspense. Get a sturdy pillow to grip—you’re in for an exciting treat with Memory of Monet. My only complaint: it’s the last!

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